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Transforming the CFO role with AI: Streamlining finance, automating compliance, and offering personalized insights for proactive management.

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What Is It Costing You Without Our Solution?

Value-added Tasks

The amount of time the CFO spends on value-added tasks without the use of automation

Cost to Business

The expected cost to U.S. businesses because of dysfunctional and manual financial reporting processes

Our Solution

We are transforming the CFO role by integrating artificial intelligence into financial management, addressing issues from disconnected legacy systems to manual taxation processes. We offer a unified platform for streamlined operations, automate tedious tasks like tax filings and compliance, and provide intelligent bookkeeping oversight.

Why Fiscal Eye?

Unlike traditional approaches, we deliver personalized financial recommendations and adapt processes to your specific needs. The "guild with agents" product signifies a collaborative agentic AI system enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and proactive financial insights, revolutionizing how businesses manage their financial health and compliance.

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